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Improve your pupils' cricket and your school's sporting credentials

  • Flexible match rules including popular youth and indoor rules - you define them.
  • Prompt-based scoring means that anyone, including pupils, can reliably score matches.
  • Umpire and score at the same time! Lots of youth team manager clients are doing this.
  • Share your performances online with the team, fans and parents.
  • Help players to spot their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enhance your school's sporting credentials with direct web links to matches.

See your own wagon wheels on the internet!

  • PitchPad lets you see your wagon wheels and stats online as soon as you get home after the match!
  • Understand your own performances better than ever.
    • Where do I score my runs?
    • Where do I concede my runs? Why?
    • Which batsmen attack my bowling? Why?
    • Which batsmen can I subdue? Why?
    • On which bowlers do I concede byes/leg byes? Why?
    • Am I the dominant player in partnerships?
    • Who do I play best with?
  • Show off your match performances online to your mates, parents, colleagues or teachers.

Makes scoring so easy a child could do it

  • PitchPad makes your life miles easier, and lets you collect tons more data than you currently do.
  • Both handheld and laptop/PC versions available for maximum flexibility
  • Developed in partnership with scorers, coaches and teachers
  • Very flexible rules. Includes pre-defined rules, or define your own.
  • Easy upload to Cricket Statz and, very shortly Cricket Statistics for Windows

In-depth analysis makes your coaching much more efficient

  • Capture every aspect of matches and practice sessions . . . and not just the good stuff, through ball by ball match notes
    • Dropped catches
    • Missed stumpings
    • Mis-fields
    • Singles not taken
    • Shots not played . . .
  • Don't just tell them - show them!
    • Back up your coaching messages with hard evidence
  • Better understand their coaching needs
  • Tailor your coaching to individuals
  • Build on strengths, work on weaknesses
    • Shot selection
    • Running between wickets
    • Bowling tactics and accuracy
    • Field placings (captains and bowlers)
    • Wicketkeeping
    • Fielding (mis-fields, dropped catches . . .)
  • Easily umpire and score at the same time!
  • Share team performances with the players, parents and fans!
  • See the improvement more tangibly than ever before
  • PitchPad helps you demonstrate graphically to your players where their weaknesses lie. When players are shown a wagon wheel or chart of their performance, it can hammer the point home in a way that mere verbal explanation could not do.
  • Your scorer can upload the match for online review even during the match, allowing you to assess your strategy and tactics during play.
  • Youth coaches: we've found that kids are very highly motivated by seeing their own wagon wheels. It encourages them to compete against their own past performances, and helps to bring out the best in them.

TV-style analysis of your team's matches

  • PitchPad lets you review your team's matches in remarkable detail, just like on the TV!
  • Stay in touch with your team wherever they are and wherever you are with our online WebView tool.
  • Review matches online in unprecedented detail, including wagon wheels, worm graphs, manhattans plus all the bowling, batting and fielding stats.